Below is the official TAN agreement, upon completing and initialing the below agreement both parties will receive receive a pdf version to keep.

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  • The Trusted Advisor Network (TAN) Local Director: Licence Agreement

  • By signing where indicated, you irrevocably agree that if the Trusted Advisor Network Pty Ltd in Australia and Trusted Advisor Network Ltd in NZ (the “Company” or “we/us/our”) approves your Application to operate as a Licensee, then this Licence Agreement (the “Agreement” or “TAN Licence”) automatically becomes a binding contract between the Licensee (“you/your”) and the Company, and applies to your use of the TAN Licence to operate as a Business Advisor using TAN licensed products, services and intellectual property. As “Local Director” you’ll be allocated a Facebook page for marketing yourself to your Locality/ Area that we will confirm in writing via email by us upon signing of this Agreement (“Approved Locality” or “Locality”). The Company and the Licensee are the Parties referred to in this Agreement. Each Locality will have no more than two Local Directors, unless you obtain consent from us to recruit further Licensees to operate in your Locality (known as a “Firm”). This Agreement is for a single Licence only. By signing where indicated, you acknowledge that you have read, agree to and accept all terms and conditions contained in this Agreement. From the date of acceptance as a TAN Licensee, we will provide you with access to our Intellectual Property and remain the rightful owner of its copyright, know-how, show-how, any patents, website content, structure and data, Company domain names, software processes & calculations, third party contact lists, manuals & materials (including web videos), Company branding including all trademarks, logos and copyright material of both TAN and The Local Business Network “TLBN” (TLBN being a legacy brand that we no longer promote), social media content and/or pages, presentation material (including all PowerPoints/Slide Decks and Workbooks and/or Worksheets), marketing materials (both printed and on-line), marketing methodologies (including but not limited to the process of conducting interviews with local business owners and posting their responses on Company run social media platforms known as ”Business Features”), Group Coaching meeting formats and their associated terminology (including but not limited to ClassRoom, BoardRoom and WorkRoom), and any other intellectual property that we deem as our own (the “Intellectual Property”, “IP” and/or “Program”). All use of our Intellectual Property in any capacity must be done so only by a party holding a current License Agreement with TAN. By completing the Application and signing where indicated, you agree to complete a Bank Transfer to the amount as per terms noted on Page 7 of the Agreement, for the One-Off Set-Up referred to as the “Establishment Fee”. The Establishment Fee is a one-off fee to initiate the TAN Associate Membership period, which provides access to the TAN Network, Program Material, Intellectual Property, Training Systems, weekly Webinars, the TAN/TLBN Vault, initial branding regarding TAN, TAN Facebook Page(s), websites, email addresses, business cards, associated marketing collateral and attending the TAN monthly Launch Training days. This payment also builds your branding profile to launch your new role as a Local Director in your chosen Locality. Payment of the Establishment Fee triggers the commencement of the Associate Membership and the acceptance of this Agreement. Associate Membership is defined as the period of time commencing from the date of signing this Agreement and concluding 90 days after attending your initial designated Launch Training Day (as outlined on Page 7 of this Agreement). Launch Training includes access to any subsequent monthly Launch Training Days (for the purpose of receiving additional training and support). Upon signing this Agreement we will work with you at no cost until your initial designated Launch Training Day thereby allowing you to launch your business immediately. During the 90-Day Associate Membership, the objective of both Parties is to work together with the intention of
  • signing one or more Premium 1-on-1 clients, at which point you can decide to continue together by joining with TAN with Full Membership (with its associated ongoing membership fees as outlined on Page 7 of this Agreement). Therefore, at the completion of the Associate Membership period, the Licensee has the option to: A) Commence with Full TAN Membership, or... B) Terminate the Agreement and cease operating under TAN and its Intellectual Property (complying with all parts of this Agreement that survive termination), or... C) Extend the Associate Membership Period in lieu of joining TAN with Full Membership, subject to agreement by us. Upon termination, there are no further payment obligations to us. The Licensee is required to nominate in writing (via email) their intention regarding Option A ,B or C (above) any time up to the completion of the Associate Membership Period. Upon commencing your TAN Associate Membership, you agree to 3 x monthly payments to our nominated bank account via the Company’s nominated payment gateway (PaySmart) subject to the Company approving your Application to operate the Licence as an Associate Member (according to the dates and financial obligations detailed on Page 7 of this Agreement). Full TAN Membership allows members to access to all client-facing Intellectual Property and Program Material including but not limited to TAN proprietary software, all Group Coaching program material, all 1-on-1 Program Material, additional printed marketing collateral (e.g. pull-up signs for launching any Group Coaching programs etc), additional prospecting and nurturing systems together with any other systems, programs and/or opportunities that we develop and make available. The initial TAN Membership Term is 24 x Monthly Payments from the commencement of Full TAN Membership, following the Associate Membership Period. Both Parties understand and agree that the purpose of offering and accepting TAN Associate Membership is twofold: A) To provide a pathway to Full TAN Membership, and B) To provide an opportunity for the Licensee to experience the business coaching consulting industry. Therefore, both Parties agree to work in good faith over the Associate Membership period to secure clients for the Licensee with the intention of the Licensee continuing a commercial relationship with Full TAN Membership. The purpose of stating this intention is to prevent Licensees leaving TAN after the Associate Membership period and continuing to operate as coaches/consultants after being exposed to TAN IP and support. Once you have Full TAN Membership, if you decide to terminate the Agreement for any reason, you will give the Company a 30-day notice period in writing providing the term of your Licence has... THE TRUSTED ADVISOR NETWORK (TAN) Terms & Conditions Continued... elapsed (“Term”). Furthermore, you agree that if you are accepted as a Licensee with Full Membership, you are responsible for full payment of the fees for the entire Term of the Licence (24 monthly payments), regardless of whether you actually use the Program or not. To further clarify our policy on membership fees; no refunds will be issued, no payments will be waived and all monthly payments must be paid on a timely basis. Upon termination, you will return all of the Company’s Intellectual Property (e.g. branded marketing collateral) to the Company and delete all electronic files either originated or modified from the Company’s Intellectual Property stored on your computer and/or device and your rights to operate any part of the Program or use any of the Intellectual Property under this Agreement will cease immediately. The sole exception for early termination is the Licensee suffering ill health or extenuating physical circumstances thereby being unable to service clients. In such an event, the Licensee must seek relief from us to pause or terminate their membership that we cannot unreasonably withhold.